5 Highest Paid Entry-Level Jobs In The United States In 2022

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Entry-level jobs have a reputation for not being very lucrative. By convention, you’d expect these jobs to be at the bottom of the ladder, with lower salaries and longer working hours. However, this isn’t the case for every industry.

Because of this, Apptree went through the trouble of finding the highest-paid jobs in 2022 for you. Continue reading to learn about these jobs and their qualifications.


Software Developer

Software developers design, develop, debug, and implement software solutions to new and legacy problems. These positions demand creativity, expertise, and knowledge. They must work with users and business leaders to determine agreeable solutions.

However, despite its importance, the job surprisingly doesn’t require a lot. You can get employment even without a bachelor’s degree. This is because software developers are usually self-taught or they have simply completed a boot camp for certification or competency training. Although, in today’s competitive market, it would be recommended to have a degree. Other than that, you can expect the earning power to be about $93,350 per year, based on your level of expertise.



Though finance and economy are already lucrative industries, economists can have salaries that vary significantly. These distinctions are clear between professionals working in the public and private sectors.

Since private-sector jobs are harder to get, they are usually more rewarding in terms of salary. Often, companies would look for experts with at least a Master’s degree. Alternatively, a bachelor’s degree is more than enough for public sector jobs; they can land you a satisfactory sum of $60,000 per year.


Investment Banker

Investment bankers tend to be responsible for a lot. Whether you are planning acquisitions and mergers or are managing initial public offerings, they are an integral part of many businesses. They deal with all the figures and crucial company decisions regularly. So, it’s no wonder why their job is one of the highest-paid jobs among professionals; you will find that their salaries often exceed $80,000 per year.


Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analyst 5 Highest Paid Entry-Level Jobs In The United States 2022

A Market research analyst’s job is to give companies advice on the right and ideal way to sell products. They study market conditions to predict what services can contribute to the industry. This includes examining the target audience and knowing who would buy the product. They need to understand what makes their company appealing and improve on that.

Education-wise, the job doesn’t ask for a lot. In most cases, a Bachelor’s degree would suffice. It even comes with a median pay of $60,300 per year.


Actuarial Assistant

Actuarial Assistant 5 Highest Paid Entry-Level Jobs In The United States 2022

Actuarial assistants are an entry-level position that analyzes financial costs for risk reduction. They use critical concepts from statistics, finance theory, and mathematics to understand the consequences of actions. And, they can predict the likelihood of an event occurring while minimizing costs from accidentals.

They are ideal for quick pay and only need a Bachelor’s degree. You can get this job with ease and earn $93,680 annually.

The Bottom Line

As one would’ve expected, some of the highest-paying jobs in the US relate to economics or IT. This is because they contribute the most to businesses and require certified expertise. Besides that, healthcare jobs are also among the most wanted. These could include general practitioners, nurse anesthetists, and junior doctors. Yet, though they come with appealing salaries, they demand some commitment and need about 4 to 7 years of specialized education.

That said, at the end of it all, salaries aren’t all there is to a job. If you’re passionate about something, we suggest going for it. If you’re skilled and work hard enough, you’re bound to get the financial reward you’re looking for.