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With AI and data analytics on the rise, it’s only natural to wonder what job interviews will look like in the next five years. While many are sure that there will be some major changes, how those changes will play out is anybody’s guess. In this article, we’ll examine several potential ways that job interviews could change in the future – so you can get ahead of the curve and ace every interview!

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, appears to be the topic of conversation these days. Even though human resource managers have been aware of this significant trend in technological advancement, it is becoming increasingly prevalent. AI appears to be one of the most sought-after areas of knowledge among recruiters and firms seeking top-skilled individuals. There exists an AI for each phase of the recruitment process, from interviews to onboarding. Following are a few innovative ways that AI is expected to digitize the entire recruitment process, including the future of job interviews!

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Automated Interviews

Video telecommunication is now almost universally used for job interviews. One trend is the employment of algorithms in these video discussions, which evaluate candidates based on predetermined criteria set by a particular hiring manager. This data is utilized to help selection procedures. In most circumstances, discussions are already totally automated: you speak with an “artificial intelligence” instead of a human resources manager.

Consciously or unknowingly, humans tend to make controversial decisions due to their prejudices. This may result in an unjust final decision throughout the recruitment process. AI resolves this issue by picking only those candidates whose talents meet the job’s requirements, so benefiting both the candidate and the business.


Keyword Searching in Resumes

When assessing a candidate’s cover letter and resume, recruiters often search for a specific set of abilities or work history. The proper recruiting platform or AI software can read through these materials and extract relevant keywords from them. This function greatly aids hiring managers by relieving them of the time-consuming chore of reading through each application’s resume and cover letter.

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AI Chatbots

Artificial intelligence chatbots will play a key role in the hiring process in the future. Chatbots can have conversations with applicants, answering their most basic questions and completing their applications for them. Interviews have been revolutionized by the rise of sophisticated bots that can analyze a candidate’s behavior through the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and determine if they have the necessary abilities for the job!


A Strong Social Media Presence

It’s possible that in the not-too-distant future, prospective employers won’t just evaluate applicants based on their written applications and in-person interviews but also their actions, psychological attributes, personality qualities, and physiological reactions. Employers will soon be able to examine a candidate’s digital footprint, biometric information, and real-time responses to simulated workplace obstacles through the use of emerging technologies.

In the future, networks like LinkedIn, Indeed, AngelList, and Facebook will become your digital resume, providing valuable data about a candidate to potential employers and recruiters.

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Extensive Competition

As the economy continues to decline and job prospects remain stagnant, companies are increasingly looking for employees with rigorous qualifications who can work on their initiative and have the ability to think critically. As a result, job interviews in five years will eventually become more competitive for candidates entering the job market. The process of interviewing will become more focused on finding out what candidates can do rather than just checking their names off a list. Interviewers will be looking for evidence of personal responsibility, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of industry standards.

They would expect to see that candidates have the maturity to succeed in their new role, as well as evidence that they’ll thrive working within an organization’s culture. If you plan on interviewing for a tech firm, then you have to prepare yourself for some trick tech-related questions and coding problems that the recruiter might put forward for you without panicking.


Time is of the Essence

One of the major changes that the job interviewing process will go through is the cutback on the time duration for interviews. Most employers will adapt to short-form interviews, giving you a very limited time window to introduce yourself, sell your skills, and assure the recruiter that you’re the right person for the job. This will further make the process more competitive, giving you no time to be silent, anxious, or tired during the interview.

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With Apptree Staffing Solutions, you can find temp, temp-to-hire, part-time, and full-time opportunities.

Tech is the Future!

Recruitment has always been a challenging task requiring rigorous screening to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the outcome. Now that we have access to a vast array of technological tools, the recruitment process has become substantially easier and more diverse for both employees and employers. In contrast, technology is expected to prevail in future job interviews; as a candidate, you have to be well prepared and able to adapt easily to the growing changes!

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