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If you have years of experience at a firm, you should know by now that summer is the best time of the year for networking. Getting a job position that you feel truly satisfied with is an equal mix of hard work and networking skills. Those who play at this smartly utilize the winter season working on cover letters and resumes and spend their summers expanding their professional networks.

However, the question arises, what makes summer networking so effective? Read ahead to find out more about what summer networking is and gain insight into a few networking tips that will help you land the job/internship that you want!

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What is Networking?

Networking is the process of holding professional conversations or informal meetings with contacts that can potentially provide you with more exposure and progressive opportunities. During professional networking, you speak to and share information with a reliable contact who in turn provides you with career advice and gives you an insight into the industrial world.

If you are looking to boost your career growth, your best asset is networking. Regardless of whether you have just decided on your career field of interest or you are close to retiring and need to figure out what you will do next, networking is the best means to open job opportunities for yourself.

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Why is Summer the Best Time for Expanding Professional Networks?

Networking itself is very fruitful, but when done right it can unlock great opportunities for you. Summer is said to be the best time for professional networking. This season of the year, people are happy, which makes it easier for you to hold better conversations that end up in your favor. Summer networking is all about discussing mutual points of interest sitting on a beach mat with a piña colada in hand and a sun hat on your head. Talk about the summer festival right around the corner or how your family hosts the best cocktail parties to deepen existing relationships or initiate new ones! Once you have established a blooming relationship, it gets easier to talk about client development, job recommendations, leads, promotions, and the overall expansion of your professional network.

Since sunlight is known to have a positive effect on one’s mental health, you will find yourself in luck when summer networking. Remember that your contact’s increased serotonin production and positive mood are always likely to turn out well in your favor.

While networking is generally considered a professional task, it does not always have to be! When expanding your professional network in the summers, think of creative ways to land a meeting with your potential contact. Try to arrange indulging activities like summer barbeques, golf outings, meeting at the park for fresh iced tea, or having rooftop wine tastings at your local wine store, the choices are endless!

It makes more sense to arrange an exciting meeting with your contact so it is easier to make conversation. You might even learn a new salsa move or discover a new Mexican food truck around the corner, who knows?

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How Will Summer Networking Help You?

People are more open to conversations in the summer. If you are a college or university student, your summer break is the perfect time for you to get ahead of your peers and begin networking. We compiled a list of how summer networking will help you, whether you are a student or a middle-aged employee.

Career Advice

Professional networking with people that have more experience than you do sows seeds for your career development. Remember that your contact does not out rightly have to give you career advice. Career advice can also look like discussions on the common challenges faced by your contact or the multiple career opportunities in the market. This sets a standard for you about what you should expect from your field of interest and what will be expected from you in return.

Gain a Fresh Perspective

Summer networking helps people who are looking to gain new ideas. When exchanging information on your experiences and work challenges, you are likely to learn a lot from someone else’s perspective.

New Job Opportunities

Meeting new people naturally paves way for greater job opportunities. Once you start networking with contacts that possess more knowledge than you in the industry, chances are they would know of job vacancies or recruiters in need of talented individuals like you. Active summer networking increases your likelihood of being introduced to potential vacant positions.

Strengthen Industrial Connections

The key to expanding professional networks is to gain trust by sharing your knowledge along with absorbing theirs. One of the most successful networking tips is a give-and-take relationship between you and your contact. By committing to assisting your contact with opportunities regularly, you give a positive impression, which is likely to help you out more in the future.

Friendships that Last a Lifetime

Who needs a new friend at the age of 40, right? Well, many times the friends you befriend later in life are just what you need if you are looking for a fresh start. Developing friendships with work-related connections gives you more in common and makes it easier for you to pursue your goals with someone who shares the same mindset and interests as you.

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