What is the Difference Between Temporary VS Temp-To-Hire Staffing?

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Businesses function best when they are adaptable. There are ups and downs in every professional relationship. Staffing companies must frequently respond to these ebbs and flows, or else risk running things inefficiently.

Even during a busy period, employment agencies can assist in keeping a business running smoothly. In this article, we will discuss the key distinctions between temporary and temp-to-hire staffing.

what is the difference between temporary vs temp to hire staffing

What is Temporary Employment?

In temporary staffing, contract employees are expected to stay in a position for a short time. That time could be based on the completion of a project, the availability of funding, or other factors, such as replacing someone who is on leave and is expected to return or when a company’s business has increased during a peak season.

This type of work is also known as seasonal employment, such as working at a retail store during a holiday season or at a pool during the summer. Other terms you may hear include temps, contract, interim, outsourced, and freelance.

According to Investopedia, the use of temps has given rise to a “gig economy”, in which companies use staffing companies, independent contractors, or freelancers instead of regular full-time employees.

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What is Temp-To-Hire Employment?

In a temp-to-hire staffing or contract-to-hire situation, you start as a temporary employee for a limited time, which could range from three to six months. If you do well, you will be considered for permanent employment and company benefits.

Most temp-to-hire positions are filled through staffing agencies. The agency is your employer of record and will pay you during the temporary period. When your contract period is over, you may be offered a permanent position with the company you’re assigned to based upon your overall performance and attendance. Once hired, you will be eligible for company benefits that may be offered.

Each Process, Like Any Other, Has Advantages and Disadvantages

If you enjoy a variety of work and schedules, temp positions through an agency may be ideal for you because you will likely be exposed to a wide range of work environments and tasks.

Many agencies will honor your request for specific hours (for example, no third shift), even if it limits the types of positions, they can offer you. In addition, if you have plans for a family vacation, you can declare yourself “unavailable” for work and refuse assignments during that week.

Such adaptability allows you to gain valuable experience, particularly if you are transitioning to a new industry or returning to the job market after a period of absence. Check out how Apptree Staffing Solutions can assist you in such circumstances!

The staffing agency you decide to work with is your employer throughout your assignment(s) with them and they will have policies and procedures that you must follow while working for them. Benefits may or may not be offered. Check with your staffing agency for more information on what benefits may be available to you.

In a temp-to-hire position, both you and the employer can see if you’re a good fit before signing on the dotted line. You’ll get a sense of what the company and role are like, and the company will get a sense of whether you’ll meet their needs and contribute to their success. It’s essentially a lengthy job interview.

The disadvantage is usually the economy. If the economy changes, or the company loses a product or market share, they may no longer require your position and may dismiss the temporary employee before they become a permanent employee.

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How Do You Find Employment Opportunities Such As These?

It is important to stay up-to-date with new hiring opportunities that may suit your interest. Both temporary, and temp-to-hire employment come with their own set of pros and cons. What matters is your preference and financial need when making a final decision about which one to choose.

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