10 Things You Can Do To Earn Permanent Employment From A Temporary Job

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In recent years, temporary jobs have soared in popularity. Though they provide employees with a quick way to get income for a few weeks or months, temporary employment is especially beneficial for industries. For many, there are ways to fill positions for temp-to-hire jobs, which allow companies to take on permanent employees upon the successful completion of temporary work.

In general, hiring short-term employees can benefit many organizations. Sectors such as graphic designing, tech, healthcare, or retail industries see temporary increases in business throughout the year and require resources to meet demand.

This can be seen in brands as large as Amazon, where they hired 120,000 temporary workers to get through the holiday season. At the end of the season, they even kept on 10,000 employees. But, with that being said, what does it take to get a permanent job from these positions?

10 things you can do to earn permanent employment from a temporary job apptree blog

Becoming the Ideal Employee

Well, the most obvious way you could gain permanent employment is to just be good at your job. Qualities that could benefit you include noticeable commitment, dedication, and dependability. Plus, you should strive to become the ideal employee that employers hold in high regard. This includes coming into work early, volunteering over time, and turning up at work on time.

In general, permanent positions are given to people valued for their excellence. They are employees who seize every opportunity given and prove their value to the team. Whether you choose to take up more at work or become eager to acquire skills, in essence, you should just try to grow and show new skills to your employers.

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Appearance Matters

When it comes to professional environments, attires matter a lot. They indicate character and your respect for the company. Though this doesn’t mean you’d have to wear a suit every day to work, it does imply the need for formal dressing and following dress codes. Simply put, you should always try to look polished and dignified.


Informing Your Employers

If you want to stay on with a permanent position, why not just inform your employers? By far, it is the simplest way to indicate interest and dedication.

Though this may sound terrifying, you should know it’s completely normal. It shows that you are motivated to continue working, and the worst that could really happen is you don’t get a direct response.

However, with that being said, we recommend setting up a meeting with your manager or supervisor to discuss these matters. It could be in an informal setting, but you should just let them know that, if given a chance, you would like to keep working for them. Companies like to know they are desired because they cannot risk hiring flakey employees.


Think of it as a Really Long Interview

Though you may have already passed an interview to get your temporary position, you can think of this duration as the second test of your ability. So, in hindsight, you should just imagine that the interview never ended. Try to outdo yourself in every aspect. This includes working hard to show off your work to your employer whenever needed.

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Letting the Staffing Agency Know

Though vocalizing your interest to employers can be crucial, you shouldn’t forget about the people who got you your current position. If you let your representatives know about your interest in a permanent position, they can help you accomplish this goal. They can serve as a second voice, vouching for your competence and commitment. Plus, with their experience, they know how to ensure a smooth transition into a permanent job.


Taking Initiative

The best way to get into your boss’s radar is by being proactive and keeping yourself busy. For example, if you have downtime at work, you could opt to clean the place up, go over some notes, or learn more about the company.

Likewise, if you don’t have notes, you could turn each meeting or conference into a learning opportunity. Note any questions or comments you had during the day and vocalize any positive opinion.

However, on the same note, we recommend keeping critiques to a minimum as you are trying to get on their good side. So, if they indicate that they don’t need your help, there’s no need to push it onto them. Just be gracious, showing employers that you can be proactive while being considerate.


Becoming a Team Player

If you want to stay on with the people you are working with, becoming cooperative is a crucial part of the process. Teamwork can help develop vital skills. In particular, it could help connect you with other employees, showing everyone how well-functioning you are.

Not to mention, similar to the advantages of a staffing agency, teamwork can allow other permanent members to vouch for you. Knowing how successful working with you can be, they’d readily trust your abilities.

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With Apptree Staffing Solutions, you can find temp, temp-to-hire, part-time, and full-time opportunities.

Benefit from the Fresh Perspective

Since you’re new and have probably worked in a similar industry before, you could use this chance to learn how to make your work more efficient. You can list profitable ideas to present them to your boss. This would show initiative and indicate potential. In essence, you would just need to justify hiring you, so growing the business would certainly be beneficial.

As a result, we recommend identifying gaps in your company that you can play a valuable part to fill. You can do this by being proactive in areas of improvement, coming forward to help at grabbing opportunities and innovating changes.


Apply for the Job

If your company has internal job postings, it makes the most sense to apply for these before anything else. In general, they are kind of like a job application for a permanent position. So, like any application, they would have needed skill sets and experience. But, this shouldn’t be a problem as a temp should have just as much expertise and value as a permanent employee.


Exceeding Expectation

To truly shine amongst a sea of applications, you must provide more than just good services. In reality, everyone is expected to do their job well. So, to really stand out, you have to exceed the definition of premium services. This involves getting noticed and committing to every aspect of the job.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to be extravagant in every way. You just need to be committed to the simpler things. Be patient and consistent; your effort is bound to be noticed eventually. In general, you should just be confident and direct, without seeming pushy or aggressive.

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With Apptree Staffing Solutions, you can find temp, temp-to-hire, part-time, and full-time opportunities.


At the end of it all, you shouldn’t worry too much about what you should do. If you’re committed to the cause and the company has the available resources, you’d always be guaranteed an opportunity to continue working.

All you should really do is try to become the ideal employee. If you’re amongst multiple other temp-hires within the company, you should just strive to perfect every task. With each chance, you should ask yourself what would benefit the company and how you would make that happen. Act according to those thoughts and continue to show your dedication and motivation.