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Are you looking for a job, but things aren’t working out for you as expected?

Why not contact a staffing agency to help you with your employment search?

Staffing agencies work hard to help candidates find the right jobs, at the right time. Whether you are new to the job market or not, one option for finding a great employment opportunity is to work with a staffing agency!

The process is pretty straightforward. Start by registering for work (completing the application process). Next, a recruiter will screen you. This can consist of an interview, drug screen, background check, and a skills assessment. After registering for work, a recruiter will discuss open positions that match your pay requirements, preferred shift, and location as well as your skillset.

The best thing about a staffing company is they do not charge applicants/candidates for the services they provide. Staffing companies charge a fee to their respective clients for services rendered.

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If you are really serious about working with a staffing company, also known as a recruitment agency, then it is important that you understand how they work.

Here are some things you should know about staffing companies:

  • Staffing agencies are not headhunters, and if they were, applicants would pay an out-of-pocket fee for assistance with job placement.
  • In reality, staffing agencies clients request assistance with sourcing and screening talent for their open positions. Staffing companies charge their clients a fee for providing these recruitment services.
  • Do your homework by doing research on the staffing agency you may be interested in working with.
  • Not all staffing agencies collaborate with companies in the same industry, which means, if there is a specific industry you want to get into, then you will need to use a staffing agency that works with companies in that specific industry.

At Apptree Staffing Solutions, we specialize in connecting people to companies in the manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, administrative support services, customer service, transportation, and hospitality industries.

Any of the above interest you? Connect with our friendly recruiters to help you with your job hunt or simply click here to learn more about our specialties.

Find Jobs in Michigan with Apptree

With Apptree Staffing Solutions, you can find temp, temp-to-hire, part-time, and full-time opportunities.

Remember, it is your responsibility to present yourself as the best candidate to the staffing agency, as well as the hiring company.

Most staffing agencies manage hundred of candidates, so while they may be able to give you advice, the reality is that the quality of jobs they will refer you to will depend on your experience, qualifications, and the way you present yourself.

What this means is that you also need to be proactive with the recruiter you work with. The first thing you will need to do is to tell them specifically what you are looking for. Seek advice for strategies to get you going in the industry you want to work in. Next, work on your skills and resume to make it as easy as possible for the staffing agency to refer you to the job you are interested in.

The thing to keep in mind is that they want to partner with you. If you are a good fit for any of the companies the agency works with, then you are helping them by being a viable candidate for those companies. Likewise, they are helping you because they already have the connections to the companies that you might want to work for. This gives you a better chance of getting more interviews faster.

Once you find a good staffing agefncy, treat them well and treat them like a partner. An example of this is answering their calls and emails in a timely fashion to avoid missing a great employment opportunity. Keeping schedulted apointments for interviews and arriving on time as well as presenting yourself in a professional manner and showing enthusiasm.

Now, that leads us to the last point; some bad apples in the crowd.

While most staffing agencies are great and will do good by you, there may be those who think of you as just another number.

These agencies may waste your time sending you to dozens of interviews that you are either not qualified for or companies you would not really want to work for or are outside of your interests.

Find Jobs in Michigan with Apptree

With Apptree Staffing Solutions, you can find temp, temp-to-hire, part-time, and full-time opportunities.

What does this mean for you?

It means that if you do decide to use a staffing agency during your job search, take your time to look around. Do your research to make sure the agency you choose has the connections with the companies within the industry you always thought about working in.

Apptree is a one-stop employment and staffing solution agency based in Roumulus, Michigan helping our candidates reach and engage with companies that are seeking enthusiastic employees.

We are here to help, connect with us today!

You can click here for our current job openings or simply contact us to speak to one of our friendly recruiters!

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