Top 10 Highest Paying Customer Service Jobs in the US 2022

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When we speak of customer service jobs, oftentimes, there is a preconceived notion that they are not very lucrative or do not have much room to grow. This may be because most often they don’t require a specialized college degree. However, the world of customer service jobs is vast ranging from medical service assistants to concierges. Many of these jobs also have well-paying salaries and tremendous room to climb the corporate ladder.

Due to the growing nature of the booming customer service job market, our team at Apptree sorted through the entire spectrum of such jobs to bring you the top ten highest-paying customer service jobs in the US in 2022.

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Account Coordinator ($44,122 Per Annum)

Account coordinators primarily deal with assisting and providing administrative help to the higher-level accounts officers. Their tasks include providing customer service support to senior staff, coordinating between accounts and media departments, creating contracts, filling duties with data entry and compiling annual account records, and reviewing their performances.

Since this is an entry-level accounting job, the base entry requirement is a high school degree, however, a college degree in business administration is highly recommended. Prior experience in sales and accounts will also further strengthen your job application as an accounts manager.

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Client Relations Specialist ($44,588 Per Annum)

Client relations specialists’ main job is to understand their customer base and process trends of what clients gravitate to for maximizing sales. They help clients through problems by getting in contact using various mediums. They find the best ways to improve customer satisfaction and the client’s experience by matching them to the most compatible service or product.

A large chunk of client relations specialists have a college education; however, it is still possible to get a job with only a high school diploma in hand. To be a client relations specialist, you need masterful communication techniques and skills, as well as having the traits of a people person.


Concierge ($48,788 Per Annum)

A concierge is usually an employee that works at the front desk of a hotel, inn, or resort. Their job is to attend to the guests of the hotel and to make sure all their needs are catered to, to make sure they have the most comfortable and enjoyable stay possible. A concierge may be in charge of dealing with reservations, making the guests feel welcome, making bookings for experiences such as restaurants and entertainment, and showing the guests around.

To become a concierge, no degrees are required; however, courses or diplomas in hospitality or communications do help in the resume. Work experience in customer service jobs, and having the willingness to serve and work with a team are all important qualities needed for the work of a concierge.


Patient Coordinator ($44,889 Per Annum)

Patient coordinators work in healthcare facilities like hospitals or rehabilitation centers. Their major focus is on understanding what care plans and treatments a patient may need, then providing them with the treatment plans most beneficial to them both medically and financially to accommodate a patient in all aspects. They also regularly monitor the treatment to note progress and to check if any alterations to the plan are required.

Another role they serve is also educating patients and their families on the treatment they’ll be receiving so they understand what they’re about to go through. The majority of patient coordinators require a college diploma or course in medical coordination and must be highly efficient at managing time, people, and workload.

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Service Advisor ($53,696 Per Annum)

Service advisors deal with administrative work at vehicle repair shops or car dealerships. They work as the bridge between the customers and the vehicle mechanics so that the cars are served and maintained properly. They make sure to schedule maintenance appointments periodically and deal with repair finances as well. This ensures customer vehicles are always in working condition. The minimum requirement is a high school degree, although a degree in automotive mechanics and experience in the vehicle industry is a sure-fire way to boost your chances of getting the job.


Member Services Representative ($54,253 Per Annum)

Member services representatives work to process member or client feedback, guide them through membership programs, and discuss their queries in an organization with a membership-based model. These associates usually work for clubs such as country clubs, gyms, insurance companies, and more. They also inform the client about membership program benefits and sell them the most profitable membership plan possible. For this job you only require a high school degree and great communication skills with experience in the customer service sector.


Help Desk Analyst ($55,598 Per Annum)

A help desk analyst’s responsibility is to solve any technical issues to make sure the IT of a company keeps running smoothly. They deal with both hardware and software problems for clients as well as company employees. They also maintain cyber security and update the systems with new installments when needed. To apply for these jobs, you need a college degree, preferably in computer science as well as customer service experience.

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Client Services Manager ($57,301 Per Annum)

Client services managers are an integral part of customer support in a company. They set the standard for the customer service representatives and deal with client inquiries. They also conduct reviews on client satisfaction and maintain relationships with current clients while also bringing in new ones. For a job in the client services sector, a bachelor’s degree in business is needed most often, with very strong people and organizational skills.


Technical Support Representative ($57,335 Per Annum)

Tech support employees usually work for companies providing IT services like internet service providers. Usually, they are working off-site or remotely in call centers. They are concerned with fixing the problems customers face as well as troubleshooting and fixing issues on the backend to create a smooth user experience. Along with this, they also handle financial transactions and refunds to the customer. If you’re looking to work in this industry, all that’s required is a high school diploma alongside adequate over-the-phone communication and service skills, which can be gained by work experience in call centers.


Front Desk Manager ($71,897 Per Annum)

A front desk manager at a hotel is responsible for instructing and training front desk employees for their jobs and duties. The front desk staff may include clerks, concierges, and help desk employees. They may also handle client issues of higher concern and severity than what the concierge can handle. They may also carry out front desk duties like handling bookings and reservations. For the lucrative work of a front desk manager, all you need is a high school graduate degree, in addition to problem-solving and management skills.

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The Bottom Line

After our review of the top paying customer service jobs in the United States, it’s easy to see that this sector holds many well-paying options and with more lenient entry requirements, it’s a great way for young people to climb the corporate ladder or act as an avenue to make extra cash on the side.

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