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Despite the effects of the pandemic, manufacturing is one of the few sectors that didn’t let COVID-19 slow it down. Since most of its products are deemed essential, the business was also set to continue with set safeguards.

And as to current stats from the Nation Association of Manufacturers, this led to an average of 12 million workers earning an annual median of $88,406. These wages are only expected to rise by 2.5% in the next 12 months, competing with the highest-paying jobs in the United States.

So, if you (like anyone else) are looking to reap the benefits of well-paying manufacturing jobs, you’ve come to the right place. Over here, we’ll discuss some of the best achievable manufacturing jobs, going into detail about descriptions, average salary, entry requirements, etc. Continue reading to learn more.

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Mechanical Engineer

Mean annual salary: $88,430

Starting us off, mechanical engineers are probably one of the first things people imagine when thinking about manufacturing jobs in the US. As mechanical engineers, employees are expected to commit to engineering duties involving designing, testing, and developing mechanical devices.

Typically, this well-paying manufacturing job would require a bachelor’s in science for engineering or a master’s in science for engineering or a related field. This includes the need for certifications, such as the EIT exam, as an entry requirement.

On the same note, some areas with the highest-paying mechanical engineering jobs that you may want to look out for include districts such as Columbia and New Mexico. In these places, you can expect an annual mean salary of $112,240 and $114,420, respectively.

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Manufacturing Manager

Mean annual salary: $112,600

Manufacturing managers would be expected to assist in directing and planning efficient equipment layout and the flow of materials. They manage, plan, and schedule numerous aspects of the manufacturing process, ensuring each department meets its respective goals and approved budgets.

Entry requirements would typically entail about five years of prior experience in a related area. This would also include about 1 to 3 years of supervisory experience, with basic requirements being a bachelor’s in engineering or a related field.


Assembly Team Leader

Mean annual salary: $57,100

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to benefit from well-paying manufacturing jobs without committing to a degree, an Assembly Team Leader might be the way to go. These individuals would deal with overseeing products, preparing schedules, or assigning work. They are there to coordinate and supervise employees assembling components, units on the floor stations, or fabricated parts.

However, it isn’t exactly a position you can reach directly. You may need some formal training in the specialized area or an apprenticeship. As a minimum, we suggest that about 2 years of experience as an individual contributor should be plenty to apply for this position.


Information Technology Manager

Mean annual salary: $146,360

As an IT Manager, you’d have to train, supervise, and hire department employees to evaluate and research new technologies. These would help upgrade or enhance existing networks, servers, or similar IT equipment. These managers need to have a deep understanding of mathematical computer language and be efficient in problem-solving.

As a result, you can expect a pre-requisite to be a master’s degree in computer science or information technology. However, you could also get by with a bachelor’s degree and a couple of years of experience. This job averages an impressive $140,000 in leading industries, such as Verizon. And its highest-paying states include California and New York, with respective annual salaries of $185,640 and $190,390.

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Mean annual salary: $74,750

Possibly the most integral part of any manufacturing industry, electricians are individuals responsible for all tasks relating to electrical wiring, equipment, factory area, or controls.

Their daily duties may entail installing, repairing, testing, or troubleshooting any electrical machinery and equipment. And when they work in manufacturing companies, you can often find them working hand-in-hand with engineering professionals.

Electricians can be found in a few specialized sectors, such as automotive production. And on a more general basis, they’d be tasked with testing and wiring products before they’re sent to customers.

More experienced electricians can expect higher pay and are currently in higher demand in the manufacturing industry. Although, anyone with sufficient work experience can be an electrician. You’d just need an electrical license with about 2 to 4 years of experience in similar manufacturing roles.


Operations Manager

Mean annual salary: $100,780

If you’re considering higher-end jobs, an operations manager is expected to manage and monitor the operational costs of business activities. These could include handling compensation, hiring decisions, discipline, termination, and promotions. In general, they deal with day-to-day departmental operations.

The job is associated with a high job satisfaction ratio. Especially for larger companies like UPS, you can expect an average median close to $110,000. Meanwhile, if you consider the position in well-paying states like Rhode Island or New Jersey, you can expect respective salaries of $157,720 and $164,090.

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Entry-Level Manufacturing Engineer

Mean annual salary: $74,600

On the other hand, an entry-level manufacturing engineer is a great way to start in this lucrative industry. Its responsibilities entail analyzing the layout of workflow, equipment, workforce utilization, and assembly methods.

They can be utilized to help you in designing and planning any manufacturing processes within a production facility. And when considering prerequisites, as with most manufacturing positions, you’d need a bachelor’s degree in engineering with 0-2 years of related experience.


Service Technician

Mean annual salary: $70,100

Along with manufacturing technicians, service technicians serve as the backbone of numerous companies in this sector. They are the primary driving force behind anything involving the production of goods. And they are responsible for maintaining and running multiple factory assembly processes, equipment, and facilities.

They would be expected to check product quality, document changes, and productivity. They guarantee that regulations relating to services and manufacturing protocols are adhered to, ensuring the timely and uniform production of goods.

Although, due to these numerous responsibilities, you can expect the pay to be really generous. This position is in high demand in many growing areas in the manufacturing sector. Hence, the experience would demand a high level of education, such as a master’s, with about 3 years of experience. And as with most manufacturing jobs, you’d also be required to provide certifications or proof of training with related manufacturing equipment.


Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Machine Operator

Mean annual salary: $45,517

By far, this is the most basic job on this list. As a result, it also has the lowest average annual income.

As a CNC machine operator, your responsibilities would usually include operating multiple types of computer numerically controlled production equipment. It doesn’t really require much to get started. You just need to learn to select the appropriate settings for these machines and adjust them whenever necessary. You can resort to this position if you only have one year of experience or less- it’s a great entry-level manufacturing job.

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Human Resources Generalist

Mean annual salary: $61,920

Last on our list of highest-paying manufacturing jobs in 2022, an HR generalist oversees all regular human resources tasks. They usually report any instances to their HR director or manager. And the role only really ever requires a college degree with relevant experience in communications, management, business, or a similar field.

These generalists would administer training, benefit programs or processes, and employee compensation. They’re in charge of maintaining or verifying HR-related documents, such as performance reviews, staffing, and training.